Board Secretary: Role and Responsibilities

08/02/2021 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM PT


  • $35.00


Online in Zoom, CA


Basics of serving as the secretary of a nonprofit board of directors.


Cost: $35
$20 for Spokes 2020 Members

It seems like no one ever wants to be the board secretary. The job either goes to the member who is absent when officers are elected or to some generous soul who, after a few minutes of everyoe looking at one another, finally raises a hand and says, "Oh all right, I'll do it."  (Can you hear everyone else cheering?) Yet the secretary's role can be very rewarding and provide an extremely important service to your organization. This class will give you the basics to perform the role happily and effectively.

Join us and learn:

  • Master the minutes! What goes in them? What doesn't? What to do with them after the meeitng? Does the secretary have to be the one to take them?
  • What are the critical documents every organization should have right at hand for ready reference? 
  • How can you use technology to lighten the load? 


This class is for any secretary of a nonprofit board of directors. This class is online; link will be sent with registration acknowledgement. This class will be recorded.

Instructor: Michael Simkins, Ed.D. A former school administrator and nonprofit executive, Michael has been a member of several nonprofit boards and served as board president, secretary, and treasurer. His professional experience spans the education and nonprofit sectors. Currently, he is Spokes' interim CEO.  

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